31 Reasons To Drink Up In January

If you’re one of those fools who made their New Year’s Resolution to stop drinking for 2017, the folks at Urban Daddy have plenty of reasons to break it. In fact, they’ve got 31 of them, to be exact. Coincidentally enough, that’s exactly the number of days in January. Funny how things work out like that, ain’t it?

You might have some catching up to do so here’s what you’ve missed:

  • Jan 1:You didn’t stop at 11:59pm, did you?
  • Jan 2:The Bachelor We don’t really want to know if you watched, but we have to assume you wouldn’t do so while sober.
  • Jan 3:The return of happy hour. Work is hard.
  • Jan 4:You write “2016” on a check and need to clear your head.
  • Jan 5:You discover that your winter coat’s inner pocket is conveniently flask-size.

You can check find out what you can look forward to for the weekend and beyond, here.

And after that…you can look forward to February!

Source: Urban Daddy