Survey: Folks Prefer “Merry Christmas” Over “Happy Holidays”

There’s no doubt folks have been getting a lot of holiday well wishes, with more to come this weekend, but it seems there’s definitely a preference when it comes to how people greet you over the holiday season.

According to a new poll, if you want to make most people happy you’ll wish them a “Merry Christmas,” with 57% of people saying that’s their preferred holiday greeting. Seems folks aren’t into getting a generic greeting, with “Happy Holidays” only receiving 37% of the vote.

While some folks may think that the holidays are all about presents and Santa Claus, it seems a lot of people say the religious part of the holiday is what’s most important. In fact, for 79% of people, the birth of Jesus is what Christmas is all about, while 63% strongly or very strongly associate Christmas with the idea of attending church services.

Source: Yahoo!