Americans Do Not Like The Word ‘Whatever’

It’s about time we all stop saying “whatever.” Once again, the word tops the Marist Poll of the most annoying words or phrases used in casual conversation.

“Whatever” got 38% of the vote while “No offense, but,” got 20% and “You know, right” pulled in 14% and rounded out the top three.

The level of hate for “whatever” greatly depends on age. Almost half of Americans 45 years of age or older declare that word to be the most irksome while those under 30 pick “I can’t even” as their least favorite thing to hear someone say.

Most Annoying Word or Phrase Used in Casual Conversation

  1. “Whatever” – 38%
  2. “No offense, but” – 20%
  3. “You know, right” – 14%
  4. “I can’t even” – 14%.
  5. “Huge” – 8%

Source: Marist Poll