Are Beards On the Way Out For 2017?

It sounds like the days of a man with a big bushy beard may be coming to an end. A new survey finds that women seem to be more interested in their man being clean shaven for 2017.

According to a UK survey conducted by Braun Grooming, which could easily translate here, 55% of women want their men to be clean shaven in the coming year. In fact, 61% of women say they’d prefer to share a kiss under the mistletoe with a clean-shaven fella, while only 1% would be okay with a mustache, so it sounds like it’s all or nothing with most women.

And grooming is very important to women, so even if they do have beards, men may want to make sure they are all cleaned up. Three quarters of women say being well-groomed is one of the most important attributes for a partner. And while women may still dominate space in the bathroom, men are getting in to the act more and more. Believe it or not, 35% of men say they have a variety of grooming and style products in the bathroom.

  • ONE MORE THING! It seems some women are so over beards they’d prefer to see Santa without one. While 66% prefer his iconic white beard, 24% would prefer Santa to just have stubble.

Source: Yahoo Finance