The Most Swiped Names On Tinder

If you think that you’re not getting the swiping love you feel you deserve on Tinder, you might want to consider changing your name. The damn thing is shallow enough…what could it hurt? The hook-up app has just released the rankings of the most popular names swiped for men and women from December, 2015 through November, 2016.

For men, Lucas is getting the most ass. That’s followed by Ryan, Matthew, Nick, and Josh. To round out the Top 10 we have Brandon, Justin, Ben, Adam, and Andrew. For the rest of you, sorry guys, your names just aren’t “enough.”

For the ladies, Hannah is the most desirable. Backing her up are Emma, Lauren, Julia, and Emily. Wrapping up those ten are Rachel, Samantha, Katie, Anna, and Sarah.

So, between the 20 of them, now you know the first names of those you might wanna consider TWO condoms with! Happy swiping!

Source: Brit