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Compiled By Ethan Shantie

April 23, 2014


St Lawrence County officials are still working on damage reports thanks to flooding from the Oswegatchie, Grasse, and St Regis Rivers. County highway officials say the shoulder has washed away on a section of county route 15 between Rensselaer Falls and heuvelton. Water levels at Black Lake are still fairly high, as property owners continue to assess the damage.
THe Garfield cemetery of Potsdam is seeking volunteers. They've sent out an invitiation to anyone, from individuals to community groups, to come to the Cemetery with rakes and their spare time to come help pick up trash and downed branches. If you would like more information, you can contact SUe Maroney at 265-2562. 

St Lawrence COunty has been ranked 55th of all counties in a study Done by the University of Wisconsin which examines the physical and mental well being of area residents. Neighboring counties Jefferson and Lewis ranked 31st and 21st respectively. The study said that obesity, joblessness, and alcohol and substance abuse are contributing factors in the area. However, the study did note that violent crime is fairly low in the area. 

Area legislators say they do not approve of the previously announced merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The two companies announced the motion in February, and say that it will allow them to provide valuable packages to their advertisers. Legislators argue, however, that in light of the significant increases in costs to consumers as of late, the merger could be bad news. The reduction in competition could mean that internet and cable prices could be on the rise yet again. Legislators have passed a resolution which notes that these companies are already the sole providers of these services in many areas, and that the merger can negatively affect those companies who want to become involved in online video distribution. The merger has not been approved, though, and won't be a certainty until it is considered by federal and state regulators. 

Massena Code Enforcement officers are asking village residents to not put out their spring-clean up garbage too early. Clean up days are scheduled for APril 28th through May 2nd, north of the grasse river. South of the grasse river, those clean up days are scheduled for May 5th through the ninth. They remind residents that village law states that spring clean up refuse can't be out more than week before the scheduled pick up day. Information is availabe at the code office. 

A Massena man has been arrested for impaired driving twice in a single day. 18 year Jordan Deshare was charged at 1:25 in the morning on Friday with impaired driving and unlicensed operation as well as reckless driving and running a stop sign on Bishop Avenue. Later that day, at approximately 3:25 in the afternoon, he was arrested again, and faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident, operating a vehicle while impaired, and also endangering the welfare of a child. For the afternoon incident, Deshane is currently being charged as a youthful offender. He has been sent to county correctional on 2500 dollars cash bail. 

The use of a handy smart-phone app has lead state troopers to arrest a Norfolk man who stole a laptop. 38 year old Shawn McGregor is now facing a felony count of fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property. An application installed on the victim’s smart phone allowed troopers to track her computer to McGregor’s Residence on the Grantville road. McGregor has since been sent to the st Lawrence county correctional facility without bail, with his court hearing scheduled for today. McGregor is also believed to have stolen goods form the Malone Walmart, totaling 817 dollars.
Massena Village police are asking for the public’s help in locating 800 pounds of vinyl material that went missing from 37 Marie Street yesterday. The material was valued at around 2000 dollars and was taken from a pallet in front of the residence. Two males and a female are said to have picked up the material in their truck at around 4 pm yesterday. Police believe the suspects may have wrongly identified the material as junk, as spring cleanup is beginning shortly. The individuals who took the material, or anyone with information, are asked to contact the police at 769-3577 or to return the material to the home.
A former resident of Canton who now resides in Madrid admitted in St Lawrence County court yesterday that she had sexual contact with a 13 year old boy this past fourth of july. 24 year old Amanda Matott pleaded guilty ito the Superior Court, which charged her with third degree rape as part of a plea deal. She is said to have given the youth alcohol before engaging in the sexual acts. The plea deal includes a split jail and probation sentence and her addition to the sex offender registry. Also a no contact order of protection has been issued in favor of the teenager. 


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