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  • Bread Time Stories: Who will bake the bread? December 9, 2019
    (Dec 9, 2019) We kick off our occasional holiday series, "Bread Time Stories," with a tale from William Matson, who grew up in Norwood, in St. Lawrence County. He shares the story of three generations of bread bakers. His grandmother and mother were well-known in the community for baking bread for family and neighbors during […]
  • Thanksgiving: Elementary school librarian teaches what the textbooks don't November 28, 2019
    (Nov 28, 2019) If you look at a public school textbook, chances are you won't see much written from Native American perspectives. As Thanksgiving approaches, librarian Amerique Wilson at Roberto Clemente Elementary School 8 in the Rochester City School District attempts to address that. [full story]
  • Rediscovering the "Corn People" of the St. Lawrence Valley November 28, 2019
    (Nov 28, 2019) Five centuries ago, the St. Lawrence valley, from Watertown to Quebec City, was ruled by a culture that modern anthropologists call "the corn people." When the first French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in 1534, he found bustling towns and well-ordered fields. A few decades later, when Samuel de Champlain reached the same […]
  • Trudeau Sanatorium sale continues wave of new investment in Saranac Lake November 13, 2019
    (Nov 13, 2019) We've been reporting over the last year on big economic development moves in Saranac Lake. The Adirondack village has seen its downtown Hotel Saranac come back to life. There's a new resort under construction on the waterfront of Lake Flower. Pendragon Theater is moving to a new location downtown. Now a group […]
  • Books: "The Winter Army" - the story of the 10th Mountain Division in World War II November 11, 2019
    (Nov 11, 2019) A new book traces the history of the 10th Mountain Division from its inception in 1940 to its breaking of the German hold of Italy's mountains near the end of World War II. [full story]