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  • Watertown agrees to pay penalty in firefighter contract violation November 14, 2019
    A five-year legal battle between the City of Watertown and the firefighters union is close to ending.
  • Missing Teenager: Police continue search for Chateaugay HS senior November 14, 2019
    Police are still searching for a high school student who went missing in Chateaugay over the weekend. According to the state troopers, 18 year old John Sexton was last seen leaving home on Sunday around 1 pm.
  • Animals that make their living outside the box November 14, 2019
    In general, plants make food from sunlight, and animals fuel themselves by "burning" oxygen. But some animals think outside the box. Curt stager and Martha Foley look at a photosynthetic slug that hijacks the genetic machinery of the algae in its diet, and at a jellyfish that needs no oxygen, burning the alternative fuels of […]
  • Akwesasne basket makers threatened by invasive emerald ash borer November 14, 2019
    Basket making has been a traditional craft of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation for generations. Their baskets are typically made using thin strips of wood from black ash trees, but artisans are facing challenges as an invasive bug, the emerald ash borer, threatens their craft.
  • Stefanik appears unswayed by testimony that Trump politicized U.S. diplomacy November 14, 2019
    North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik helped lead Republican efforts yesterday to defend President Donald Trump. Stefanik sits on the House Intelligence Committee, which held its first open impeachment hearing Wednesday. Stefanik appeared unswayed by testimony from government officials who say Trump's policy in Ukraine was designed to target his political rival Joe Biden.

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  • Trudeau Sanatorium sale continues wave of new investment in Saranac Lake November 13, 2019
    (Nov 13, 2019) We've been reporting over the last year on big economic development moves in Saranac Lake. The Adirondack village has seen its downtown Hotel Saranac come back to life. There's a new resort under construction on the waterfront of Lake Flower. Pendragon Theater is moving to a new location downtown. Now a group […]
  • Books: "The Winter Army" - the story of the 10th Mountain Division in World War II November 11, 2019
    (Nov 11, 2019) A new book traces the history of the 10th Mountain Division from its inception in 1940 to its breaking of the German hold of Italy's mountains near the end of World War II. [full story]
  • With new app Warren County makes history interactive October 24, 2019
    (Oct 24, 2019) There’s a new app to help you find historical sites in Warren County. According to the Glens Falls Post Star, more than 500 places around the region are on the National Historic Register. [full story]
  • Eagle Island gets preservation grant October 14, 2019
    (Oct 14, 2019) A revived island summer camp in the Adirondacks is getting federal money to preserve its historic buildings. [full story]
  • Adirondack Daily Enterprise at 125: "Part of a long, very colorful history" October 2, 2019
    (Oct 2, 2019) In an era when many newspapers are fading or shutting down, Saranac Lake is still a newspaper town, with the Adirondack Daily Enterprise at the center of village life. This month the Enterprise is preparing to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Managing editor Peter Crowley talks with Brian Mann about the paper's history. […]