Current Census Participation Rates by Town

St. Lawrence County’s Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census is reminding residents that the last day to participate in the Census is Wednesday, September 30th. As of August 27th, there are nine towns in the county with participation rates of less than 40%, and are shown in red in the following map. The goal is to increase participation rates across the county and move all towns to green.

Participation in the Census helps determine where and how much Federal and State funding is allocated to important services and programs, including: highway and bridge repair, fire and emergency protection, education, and health care. Every person who is counted in the Census yields more than $2,000 in federal and state funding for programs such as these. Undercounting in the Census leads to underfunding for your local community.

Participating in the Census also leads to better political representation. An accurate count of a community’s population influences how congressional, state and local district boundaries are redrawn to ensure equal representation at all levels of government.

To complete the Census, visit: or call 1 (844) 330-2020. Completing the Census is easy, and it’s confidential. For more information, contact the County Planning Office at (315) 379-2292.