Couple Donates Car To GA Man On Dialysis

Good samaritans in the metro-Atlanta area are helping to make life easier for a man who lost his only means of transportation to his dialysis appointments when his car burned in an electrical fire. Devonte McCoy wasn’t sure how he was going to get to the life-saving treatments until a couple stepped up and offered to give him an older, but fully functional car for free.

Times had been tough for McCoy, who’s job in the film industry came to a halt because of the coronavirus, so he wasn’t able to replace the car himself. The anonymous couple heard about his situation and wanted to help, handing him the keys so he can get to those dialysis appointments three times a week.

McCoy hopes news of this act of kindness helps people out there who are also going through hard times “to just keep the faith and keep moving forward.”

Source: CBS 46