More volunteers sought to reach out to Massena seniors during pandemic

More volunteers are being sought to make daily phone calls to Massena senior citizens now that the number has grown to 800 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The list of senior citizens in need of help or social conversation grew from 600 to 800 in the last two weeks, according to Zach Monroe, coordinator of the Massena Wellness Committee.

“We are planning to see an increase in wellness line calls and the potential to branch out to more seniors outside of just the Massena area,” he said.

Already, the committee has received some help dealing with the increased demand.

“Starting this week, SeaComm employees are committing some time out of their day to assist the Wellness Committee volunteers make outreach calls to seniors. We think it’s really wonderful that SeaComm was willing to step in and help support our efforts, and we can’t thank them enough,” said Monroe.

Those interested in volunteering should call the wellness line number (315) 705-2811 or send an email to

“Community volunteers are also manning a 24-hour service for calls to the wellness line, which will remain open through the crisis,” said Monroe.

“Anyone is welcome to call. The wellness line number is 315-705-2811. It’s available 24/7. We have information to share about all the resources available to you, or if you’re just in need for some social conversation as a result of staying home and staying safe,” Monroe said.