Florida Girl Steals Pizza Delivery Car To Meet Up With Boyfriend

A 14-year-old girl in Florida is going to extreme lengths to see her boyfriend.

Lee County police say Josie Bigelow ad a pizza order sent to her neighbor’s house and grabbed the unlocked car when the Papa John’s pizza guy was at the home’s door.

She prompted a police chase which ended about six miles away from the scene. Police are charging Bigelow with grand theft of an automobile and she was briefly booked in a Juvenile Assessment center. Her plan when meeting up with her boyfriend? To go on a crime spree.

From what her dad says, she’ll be in jail for a while. Joe Bigelow bluntly said “I sent the cop text messages of her and her boyfriend talking about robbing people and all that.” He added this daughter “needs a (rear end) whipping … That, and jail.”